And Done

It’s time to ride or sell it. Here’s the final product.

one of the biggest surprises was the Lecron carb. It is incredible. The bike not only starts first kick but it is insanely snappy on the throttle from idle to full throttle as fast as you snap the throttle it revs out. The Lecron means no rejetting any any altitude or temperature it’s self adjusting. It was very expensive but worth it. The bike sounds amazing. I did a lap around the yard and it’s ready to ride. 3 heat cycles and now ready to complete the break in at the track or trail.

All together again

I got my parts and rebuilt the front and rear brake calipers. Amazing I had not ever done this because it was really easy. I had no idea how simplistic a brake caliper operated. So few parts. I put in new seals and cleaned everything then assembled.

Here’s the finished product of many many weekends of work and a lot of orders from Partzilla, eBay, Amazon.

Now I have done 3 heat cycles and am ready to go ride. There is one last part I need but I think I can ride without it. Front brake rotor is has a warp. When that’s replaced I’m done. Time to ride.

More assembly and some brake caliper rebuilds

I started to assemble and it is going together pretty easily. I am using exploded views from online parts suppliers. The engine is mounted, there is spark at the Spark Plug. I got the Lectron Carb on. The rear wheel is on just for balancing as I am cleaning and rebuilding the calipers. I never would have done this before however YouTube videos showed the internals of a brake caliper are really super simple.

Now for some update photos.

I am waiting on some parts for the brake calipers. Mostly rubber bits that have deteriorated. I got the radiator mounted and it looks beautiful. I had to re-order many parts as I found more parts missing. The radiator was missing a lower mounting bolt and washers. Looks like the clip that the tank strap connects to on the frame is gone and I can’t find a replacement online, yet. Let me show you a photo of the handlebars right now.

Repair Costs so far …

I’m going through the list of orders so far. I am not including tools or things I bought to make this work possible. That actually didn’t add up to all that much in comparison.

So far I have ordered from PartZilla: $913.56, Amazon: $359.49, eBay: $754.17 = $2,027.22 invested in this “restoration”. To put this in perspective below are things missing from the Motorcycle or not a Honda part or broken/damaged to the point they had to be replaced. This is that motorcycle in the photo at the main page on the back of my truck…amazes me.

Details # Price
52171-KR6-000 WASHER, CHAIN SLIDER (Honda) 2 $4.30
90115-KV3-700 SCREW, PAN (5X8) (Honda) 2 $4.30
90520-134-000 WASHER (Honda) 1 $2.23
93500-05012-0G SCREW, PAN (5X12) (Honda) 1 $0.82
96400-08035-00 BOLT, FLANGE (8X35) (Honda) 2 $2.54
43330-KS6-700 COVER, RR. DISK (Honda) 1 $20.16
43340-KZ3-B00ZA GUARD TNATURAL (Honda) 1 $16.94
43468-KS6-700 GUIDE, RR. (Honda) 1 $8.95
43468-KZ3-B00 GUIDE, RR. (Honda) 1 $4.67
93500-05008-0A SCREW, PAN (5X8) (Honda) 2 $1.56
94050-08000 NUT, FLANGE (8MM) (Honda) 6 $5.16
96300-06012-00 BOLT, FLANGE (6X12) (Honda) 1 $0.84
98079-58679 SPARK PLUG (BR8EG) (Honda) 1 $6.56
51610-MAC-781ZA PROTR, L. TNATURAL (Honda) 1 $42.04
51614-MAC-780ZA CVR, FR. TNATURAL (Honda) 1 $28.51
51620-MAC-781ZA PROTR, R. TNATURAL (Honda) 1 $42.04
90113-KZ3-000 BOLT, FLANGE (6MM) (Honda) 2 $5.08
90113-MAC-780 BOLT, PROTECTOR (Honda) 6 $19.08
95701-08040-08 BOLT, FLANGE (8X40) (Honda) 4 $8.44
45461-KA3-710 CLAMP A, FR. (Honda) 1 $8.22
45462-KA3-710 CLAMP B, FR. (Honda) 1 $4.03
16997-467-000 O-RING (11.8X3.55) (Honda) 1 $2.00
17218-KZ3-860 SPLASH GUARD (Honda) 1 $21.81
17509-KZ3-B00 COLLAR, TANK SETTING (Honda) 2 $15.22
90403-KA3-830 WASHER (Honda) 1 $1.97
93913-15510 SCREW, TAP (5X20) (Honda) 2 $1.50
96001-06016-00 BOLT, FLANGE (6X16) (Honda) 2 $1.76
96001-06035-00 BOLT, FLANGE (6X35) (Honda) 1 $1.16
43105-KZ1-415 PAD SET,RR BRAKE (Honda) 1 $37.23
52143-KZ3-860 WASHER (Honda) 4 $12.40
52170-KZ3-B01 SLIDER, CHAIN (Honda) 1 $57.32
91072-KZ3-861 BEARING (Honda) 2 $23.42
17518-KZ4-710 COLLAR, FR. SEAT (Honda) 2 $10.44
17626-467-000 COLLAR (Honda) 2 $9.46
18332-KZ3-710 SPRING, EX. PIPE (Honda) 2 $12.42
43105-KZ1-415 PAD SET,RR BRAKE (Honda) 1 $37.23
52143-KZ3-860 WASHER (Honda) 4 $12.40
52170-KZ3-B01 SLIDER, CHAIN (Honda) 1 $57.32
84706-415-000 COLLAR (Honda) 2 $4.26
90108-MN0-000 SCREW, PAN (5X13) (Honda) 2 $3.12
90301-473-003 NUT, U (6MM) (Honda) 2 $8.08
91072-KZ3-861 BEARING (Honda) 2 $23.42
91422-MT8-770 SCREW, SPECIAL (5MM) (Honda) 1 $2.35
96001-06016-00 BOLT, FLANGE (6X16) (Honda) 2 $1.76
96001-06018-00 BOLT, FLANGE (6X18) (Honda) 2 $3.32
96400-06050-00 BOLT, FLANGE (6X50) (Honda) 2 $3.28
12108-KZ3-880 GASKET, R. (Honda) 1 $5.93
12191-KZ3-880 GASKET, CYLINDER (Honda) 1 $11.27
12201-KZ3-J10 CYLINDER HEAD (Honda) 1 $107.93
14132-KZ3-880 GASKET, REED VALVE (Honda) 1 $9.29
90103-MM0-620 BOLT, FLANGE (8X53) (Honda) 2 $7.04
90156-MA0-770 BOLT, FLANGE (8X65) (Honda) 1 $6.21
90304-GA6-003 NUT, AXLE (10MM) (Honda) 2 $5.16
90463-ML7-000 WASHER (6.5MM) (Honda) 1 $2.57
92301-06010-0A BOLT (6X10) (Honda) 1 $0.62
93600-04012-0G SCREW, FLAT (4X12) (Honda) 2 $1.68
94050-08000 NUT, FLANGE (8MM) (Honda) 2 $1.72
94050-10000 NUT, FLANGE (10MM) (Honda) 8 $11.12
94109-12000 WASHER, DRAIN (12MM) (Honda) 1 $1.05
94520-28000 CIRCLIP (28MM) (Honda) 1 $1.07

Some progress

Here’s an update, May 25, 2021. Much progress last weekend to share. I was able to mount the new front tire on the rim myself but the rear was just too hard. I took it to CycleGear off the 80 and for 20.00 and about 10min work the rear was mounted.

The Parts Cleaner is working awesome. Anything dirty and grimy goes into it and I let the 50C Ultrasonic cleaning detergent [ simple green ] go to work. Great results. That and wire brushing things. Super Grimy things turn shiny again. Love it. That was truly the goal here is to end up with something that was as close to like new as I could afford to create. Also it is really fun to tear things apart and clean them and put them back together. In this case with orig Honda spec parts and all the parts. So many things just were missing or janky like a Home Depot copper Pipe bracket and screw used to hold down the front brake line and rear brake lines? What was this guy thinking? I will do a blog entry somewhere with all the parts I have bought easily into the 100s now.

Let’s see some photos.

Down the Rabbit Hole I go…

So, in the light of day after getting home it became apparent this friendly person who sold it to me had told some untruths .. imagine that. Everywhere I looked was something just missing, not the right part, broken, bent..and so on. But hey this is going to be a project. One of my favorite YouTube channels a guy gets a completely wrecked Dirt Bike and strips it to parts and after cleaning and replacing he puts it back together again…I can do that.

So first off come the wheels, then I started looking at the Honda Parts Diagrams to lookup what was supposed to be somewhere vs what I found there [ or didn’t find ]…quickly I had ordered over 80 nuts, bolts, washers and other parts and was quickly finding I had to go farther and farther down the rabbit hole. Next thing you know I am here.

Down to the Frame

So then I decide to take a peek at the Cylinder. The seller assured me the top end was fresh. I found out it was ready to grenade itself. The cylinder wall had huge pits where the rings had dug in and about a 4mm round and 2mm deep area was just gone. A proper hole and the piston showed signs of it also. I am so glad I never took it for a ride. This is all just my instincts saying if this person failed to put the right parts here and there what else did they do. The way he spoke to me when purchasing he had taken it to a mechanic for work on bearings. Basically by the time I got down to the frame and this point I knew he was full of crap and nothing he said should be believed. I had to tear it down to nuts and bolts. Then clean and put it together again.

My Workbench
Old Radiator wow how did I miss this when I bought it?
Pretty nasty scraping going on. Glad I didn’t just go ride it.
See the hole in the plating? Sent this Cyl out to be repaired.

All and all this has turned into quite the project. I am painstakingly cleaning or replacing every nut, bolt, washer..thing on this motorcycle. I have started the assembly process and more photos to come.